What are PioneerShares?

PioneerShares is a digital currency like Bitcoin, in the role of a profit-share token for the BlockPioneers Exchange. By owning PioneerShares you will receive a % of generated exchange fees.

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When is the exchange launching?

Beta release is planned for October 2016. PioneerShares Investors will be granted beta access, and receive a 0% trading fee for 24 months. Official release is planned for November/December 2016

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How much will I earn by holding PioneerShares?

A total of 40% of the generated exchange fees are paid out to PioneerShares holders. Payments in PioneerShares according to your % of shares. Weekly pay-out and monthly surprise bonusses

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[PIO] PioneerShares Core Specifications

Core Summary

Full PoS      –      Total Supply : 200 000 PIO      –      Block Time : 3 Minutes      –      Minimum Stake Age : 6 hours      –      PoS Reward : 0.08 PIO


Send your minted blocks automaticly to an address of your choice. Ideal for savings, donations purposes and staking directly to the BlockPioneers Exchange.

Stake Journal

A widget which analyzes all your minted blocks, and displays the output in a readable table. This gives a wide overview of your staking behaviour.

Advanced Wallet & Coin Control

Multiple tools to optimize your wallet and staking behaviour. Blocksplitter, Return change, Set stake-split threshold, Check&Repair; wallet gui and lots more.

Block Explorer & Social

Integrated Block Explorer to keep track of the blockchain and your transactions. Integrated Social page with links to anything PioneerShares related.

Beautiful Wallet Design

The custom BlockPioneers wallet design based on the theme of this website. Including difficulty/weight graph on the overview page


Exchange Platform Specifications


A flawless and secure trading environment. During the exchange development, we will have multiple third partys doing a firm security test on our system.

User Dashboard

A top class user interface with private chat, your trading statistics, your share-holding statistics and lots of other usefull functions.


The one thing our competion lacks the most. Educated moderators, customer friendly, and fast ticket responses to assist you in the best possible way!

Merchant Payment Gateway

Fully functional merchant payment gateway with auto-sell option. Support plugins for multiple e-commerce platforms. Accepting crypto made easy.

Automated Trading

On-site trading bot with multiple functions. Sell and buy stop, Auto sell and buy and lots more. No need for difficult API implementation for our average user. Click&Go;!

Mining & Multi Pools

Mine your favourite coins directly on BlockPioneers, or select your favourite listed coin as payment option. Auto-sell option available.


PioneerShares Information

Share Offering

A total of 190 000 shares will be held for public sale. 10 000 for promotion campaign. You can invest using Bitcoin in round one, and Chipcoin in round two. The Chipcoin marketcap is pegged at 30 BTC (average price) during this share offering.

Distribution Model

Example – Round one raises 70 BTC in share offering. Distribution will be 70% PioneerShares for Bitcoin investors, and 30% PioneerShares for Chipcoin investors.

Investor Benefits

PioneerShares investors receive early beta acces and a 0% fee on all services provided on the BlockPioneers Exchange platform. 24 months free trading, mining and also profit-share on the generated trading/mining fees.

Profit-Share Program

Holders of PioneerShares, are rewarded with 40% of the generated exchange fees. All fees are converted into BTC to buy PioneerShares in return. This results in constant buy-pressure and a long-term raise in value.

Payments and Bonusses

Every week PioneerShares holders will be paid out dividents from the generated fees. Payments in PioneerShares by richlist balance directly to your own wallet. Every month a bonus round is held to earn more PioneerShares

Rules and Options

Only PioneerShares holders are included in the profit-share payments. You have all right to sell PioneerShares. Lock dividents for a certain address for 4 weeks, and receive 5% extra payment.